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The Owl in the Western Wood
---watches the rising moon through the trees--
As many have notice, this live journal has gone the way of the DoDo bird. I am no longer posting here.

I have decided in a few days I am going to delete this LJ to make space for others who want a brand new spankin' journal of their own! :D

It's not that I don't write much anymore, it's just that this is an old place in which I posted, and no longer really pulls me to do so.

Ah Ha!

So I am here, ask if you dare. :D

Hugs and Faerie Kisses Abound!
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I'm on yahoo if anyone wants me:


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I started a Community called "Bumps in the Night" for those interested in paranormal activities. You can join by going to the info page. :)

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Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!

You drink everyone under the table.

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I added a new Spiritualist Filter to my Live Journal...if you want to be added, please ask on this thread.
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I'm all for trying to to eat healthy, but seriously isn't this going a little TOO far?

'H' is for healthy eating

Think Sesame Street's Cookie Monster and think ... broccoli? In a fit of drastic behavior modification, the cookie-addicted bundle of fur is declaring that cookies are, in fact, only a "sometime food."

With any luck, the PBS kids show is onto something significant as it opens its 36th season next week: a new way to tackle childhood obesity affecting even preschoolers.

And growing fast. Wednesday, the new annual Index of Child Well-Being showed childhood obesity tripled to almost 17% in 2004 from 1975. The New England Journal of Medicine says about 10% of kids under 5 were overweight in 2000, a doubling in 30 years.

Sesame Street has taken note. While some cartoon characters - in Nickelodeon's LazyTown, for example - already encourage exercise, Sesame Street is going further by teaching healthy eating, active play and plenty of rest along with ABCs and 123s.

Regulars Big Bird, Elmo and others are being joined by new vegetable Muppets. They'll encourage kids to "eat your colors," play the "healthy foods name game" and sing The Mango Tango. And they'll tackle one of the most painful repercussions of obesity in kids: teasing and bullying.

A few episodes of Sesame Street do not a slim and healthy new generation make. But they can help mold informed behavior that, in the end, may be the best answer to the obesity epidemic. The preschool years are critical to forming habits and attitudes.

Without change, the future kids face is alarming. Two-thirds of American adults are obese or overweight. Some experts believe obesity will reduce life expectancy by months during the next half-century, after decades of progress. Financial costs are soaring. Medicare is increasingly strained by treating obesity-related diseases.

A Kaiser Family Foundation report says junk food ads now dominate TV pitches to kids, often with cartoon characters. Perhaps Sesame Street really can make "C," as the new Cookie Monster might say, for carrot sticks and change - besides that sometime cookie.
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Dear Lady Teal,
I spoted your post on the bottom giving of a guy's journal named Druid giving him kuddos for thoughtful post, and decided to click your name to read about yourself. After reading the world's longest LJ profile*cheeky grin*, I thought I would add ya to my list.
I live in Cincinnati, Ohio probably as you saw, but hail from Southern California originally, but moved here about six and a half years ago. I'm an artist, mostly beaded Jewelry, work with Reiki, am stumbling head first back into my roots of Druidry after a very very long hiatus that lasted too long.
Thank you for adding me to your LJ. :) I just wanted to introduce myself so you didn't think I was a nut.

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Dang it they had no Mingos!! For Shame!!

I shamlessly stole this from Allie, who shamelessly stole it from someone else. ;)

my pet!
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Mmmm Bacon!
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I don't know if I should be offended or unhappy. ;) Oh well

You scored as The Beast. Your alter ego is The Beast! But that is only a name... you are kind hearted and sweet, people just misunderstand you.


The Beast






Peter Pan


Donald Duck


Sleeping Beauty






Snow White


Cruella De Ville


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